Loving Our African Neighbors.

Pastor Emily with members of the I AM Family Choir.

Knox Presbyterian Church was honored to host a truly talented group of young people from Uganda, Africa. On Sunday Dec. 10, 2017 the I AM Family choir gave a rousing, spirit-filled performance during our Sunday morning worship service. This special group of people travels as part of the I AM Family ministries, raising support for and awareness of the plight of children in Uganda.

Through I AM Family, we learned that Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world. It is still recovering from 31 years of war that has left tens of thousands of children orphaned and without support for their future. Only 20% of children are able to attend school beyond the first few years. I AM Family ministries works to gather sponsorship for very needy children, so that they have a chance for adequate schooling, food, medical care, and education in a trade. The ministry also works with widowed women to teach them skills to earn a living. Many of the poorest people in Uganda work each day simply to get food. The choir represents these widows and other children as they travel.

The I AM Family choir is on a 10-month tour of the US west coast. During their travels, the young people travel with chaperones and teachers. They keep up with their studies when they are not performing. The adults also take care that the teens have adequate rest and nourishment. Many of the adult chaperones were once children who were sponsored through international organizations, enabling them to go through school and university.

Knox was truly blessed by the presence of these young people. We raised over $800 for their ministry. Six people signed up to sponsor children represented by I AM Family Ministries. Doreen, one of the chaperones who was once a sponsored child herself, says that sponsorship is absolutely life-changing for the children and is a blessing from God. Knox also opened its doors for 3 days this week so that the children could have their school hours there. Four Knox families hosted members of the choir in their homes. For me, spending time with Doreen, Brendah, and Lisa in our home, getting to know them, has been the biggest blessing of all.

If you would like to sponsor a child through I AM Family ministries, click here.

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