Palm Sunday: Sound. Silence.

Dear Beloved Parishioners of Knox,

If you’ve been coming to Knox lately, you know that sometimes I like to talk a lot. I enjoy connecting with others in a lively conversation. Talking brings us together. Sometimes, God even speaks to us in a loud, thundering voice... Sometimes, though, I talk too much when quiet is needed. A new way of thinking arises out of the quiet, previously hidden under all the noise. Silence is absolutely essential. Sometimes, God speaks to us in a still, small voice... This Sunday is Palm/Passion Sunday. In worship, we will move from the joyous, dizzying shouts of “Hosanna!” to Judas’ dark betrayal to contemplating Christ’s death on the cross. We will share those moments, listening together, reflecting silently, and responding with prayer. I invite you to join us on this Palm Sunday journey at 10 am at Knox. What will God say to you? In Christ, Pastor Emily

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