A Vision of Hope: They Will Plant Vineyards, and Eat Their Fruit (Is. 65:17-25)

This week's scripture Isaiah 65:17-25 speaks a word of hope to a desperate people. The prophet Isaiah recognizes the despair around him, and paints of picture of God's coming peaceable kingdom; a new world of peace and wholeness when people will no longer labor fruitlessly in vain while others unjustly prosper from their efforts. Instead, Isaiah envisions a place where the laborers who plant the fruit are the same ones who get to eat it, too. Isaiah calls people towards a new world of peace and wholeness when the sound of weeping and crying shall be no more.

Yes, this is a challenging time for our country. Perhaps, it is also an opportunity for goodness and true healing to emerge because now the painful darkness of American history - a white-washed history of racism, sexism, and economic exploitation - is coming forward into the light. Like Isaiah, we must cry out in the face of injustice.

Let us heed the voice of Isaiah. Let us come together in a vision of peace where no one will labor in vain nor bear children to misfortune, where the wolf and the lamb feed together, where none harm or destroy. Do not wallow darkness or be overtaken by despair. Let us call out together to the light.

Knox Church worships together on Sundays at 10 am. All are welcome. Worship is a blend of traditional Presbyterian liturgy and thoughtful contemporary reflection.

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