Knox to Host World Class Jazz

Knox Presbyterian Church is honored to host a joyful worship service at 10 am on Nov. 6, 2016 entitled "Autumn Serenade" and featuring world-class jazz talent.

Randy Vincent, guitar, is considered among the most important jazz musicians of the Bay Area and beyond, having played and recorded with famous jazz bands and musicians over many years. He teaches at Sonoma State College and has private students, one of whom has recently played a concert at New York's Carnegie Hall. Randy can often be heard in San Francisco and as part of the Healdsburg jazz scene. He is the guitarist for the Santa Rosa Symphony Pops Orchestra and played in their program at the Wells Fargo Center two weeks ago

Chris Amberger, bass, comes out of the Berkelee College of Music in Boston and, like Randy, has played with many of the great jazz musicians in all parts of the country and wider world. He also works regularly in San Francisco Bay Area jazz clubs and in the active Healdsburg venues. He and Randy, with Drummer Benny Barth, played at the fiftieth anniversary of the Monterey Jazz Festival a couple of years ago.

Adam Brodsky, drums, is a senior at Novato High School, where the arts are a main part of the curriculum and where one auditions to get in. He has been playing drums for ten years and has won several awards, including a scholarship to Stanford's Summer Music Program, and, against all comers, the drummers' prize for both Marin and San Francisco. He plays in three bands outside his school classes, a rock band, a ska band (music that combines calypso, jazz and other influences), and a jazz band with his teacher and other adult musicians. All of these bands perform in and around the Bay Area.

Delia Martin, vocals, has been singing all her life and has a love for a variety of musical styles. She sings the classics in the Sonoma County Symphonic Chorus but also sings show tunes, pop tunes, jazz tunes, and spirituals, all with a deep natural feeling for the song. She lives at Spring Lake Village and has been vocalist for the Autumn Serenade in the Chapel there for many years.

We'll have several readings, not all from the Bible, some of them backed by the band. The sermon, given by the Rev. Bob Jones, will be "The Sound of Freedom."

Please join us for worship on November 6, 2016 at Knox Presbyterian Church, 1650 W. 3rd St. Santa Rosa, CA.

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