World Communion Sunday. What Is Communion?

On Sunday Oct. 2, 2016, Knox will celebrate "World Communion Sunday". If prayers for peace in the world - and in your life - have been on your mind lately, come to worship Sunday at 10 am and reflect in the company of this loving community, as we lift up hope for unity and peace.

World Communion Sunday is a day when we mark the almost universal Christian practice of breaking bread with one another in remembrance of Jesus' betrayal and sacrifice. It began in 1936 in the Presbyterian church and was adopted by the Federal Council of Churches in 1940 (now the NCC). Since then, World Communion Sunday has grown into an ecumenical celebration of Christian unity.

Though different denominations have different practices, "communion" is almost always a time during worship when bread is broken, and wine (or juice) is poured. Usually the familiar "words of institution" are said, reminding us that Jesus' himself started this practice at a meal with his disciples.

Communion goes by many names. You may have heard it called "Holy Communion", "the Lord's Supper", or "the Eucharist" (meaning "thanksgiving"). Each name is correct. Each name emphasizes a different aspect of the ancient practice. The Lord's Supper reminds us that Jesus instituted the practice, Eucharist emphasizes that we are giving thanks to God, and "Holy Communion" evokes the fellowship of the church with Christ across all times and places.

On Sunday, Knox will receive the "Peace & Global Witness Offering" as part of advocating for peace and justice in the world.

Sources: MinistryMatters, Presbyterian Mission Agency, Presbyterian Church (USA)

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