March 24, 2019 Sermon Ho, come to the River of Grace !

Scripture Passage: Isaiah 55:1-9 Ho, Come to the River of Grace! Good morning! In 2016, the Presbyterian Women used this passage as their theme for the Horizons Bible Study, which was focused on water. Every class, we began a responsive prayer using Isaiah 55. This passage is a poetic one, with beautiful and meaningful imagery of water and bread. There are several layers of meaning in this passage, as with most scriptures, and my Lectio Divina Group discovered this on Friday! All of my Lectio Divina Group interpreted the first 2 verses from a spiritual perspective, as many people today would. However, there is also a literal perspective. It appears very odd at first, that Isaiah says to the

March 17, 2019 Sermon A Presbyterian St. Patrick

Scripture Passage: Philippians 3:17-4:1 A Presbyterian St. Patrick Good morning! Happy St. Patrick’s Day and may the luck and the blessing of the Irish be with you! As we saw in the video, St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of the Irish, is still a big deal and being honored every year, by the Irish and all other people, all around the world. Besides being a fun holiday, when we must wear green or get pinched, eat corned beef and cabbage and talk about Leprechauns, St. Patrick’s Day has a rich historical and spiritual meaning. As the video summarized well, St. Patrick was an amazing saint of God, who is given the credit for converting the Irish to Christianity. St. Patrick’s life began in the mos

March 3, 2019 Transfigured to be a Humble Leader

Scripture Passage: Luke 9:28-36 Transfigured to be a Humble Leader Good morning! On this first Sunday of March, we celebrate Transfiguration of our Lord and the Gifts of Women. Actually, these two themes go hand in hand. As we see throughout the gospels, there is a gap of misunderstanding between the disciples and Jesus, as in the transfiguration event. Peter, James and John are sure that the appearance of Moses and Elijah in this dramatic event must be about the power and glory of a forceful leader. That is why the impulsive Peter suggests the building of 3 tents to honor Jesus, Moses and Elijah. Peter’s interpretation of this mystical event, is that Jesus is supposed to be a mighty militar

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