Jesus' Baptism: A Holy Mystery

This sermon was preached at Knox Presbyterian Church on Sunday January 7. The Bible texts for the day were Gen. 1:1-4 and Mark 1:4-12. Once upon a time. In the beginning. There was heaven and unformed earth and darkness and water. And the spirit of God swept over the face of the water. Water. It’s a pretty miraculous substance. In the Bible, water comes before life. Before light, before plants, before animals, before us. Water. We need it to live. It’s a part of every single cell in our bodies. But we take it for granted because we’re lucky enough to live in a time and place in history where we can just turn on the taps...and voila...water, warmed or cooled to whatever temperature we want. I

Youth Group Off to a Terrific Start!

Our monthly youth group for "tweens" is off to a terrific start! In December, we gathered to make pizzas and play silly games. In January, we learned to draw using simple guidelines and we painted our designs on canvases. Next month, we're really excited to do some weird and wacky science experiments (slime, anyone?) Of course, all of this fun is had in a warm, nurturing Christ-centered environment. The youth group is open to children 8-12 years old. If you are interested in more information about our youth group, please email our Christian Education Lead Teacher at Our staff and volunteers are trained in and follow "safe church" practices when working with children.

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