I Just Called to Say I Love You: Special Mother's Day Music

On Mother's Day, Knox musician Steve Yeager played a special mother's day tribute, transforming Stevie Wonder's "I Just Called to Say I Love You" into a message about mothering, especially mothers later in life who remain connected to their children most often by phone calls. I Just Called To Say “I Love You” based on work by Stevie Wonder from Stevie Yeager Click Here to listen You’ve given all, throughout your life, To all your children and to all of those in need, The rose in you, blooms forth to all, Its fragrance sweetens like the love that is your creed. Each child looks up, innocent gaze, And sees the wisdom that will guide him all his days, The loving hand, a mother’s touch, The word

The Way to Carnegie Hall: A Sermon on Jesus' Wordplay on "the Way".

This sermon was preached at Knox Presbyterian Church on May 14, 2017. The scripture text for the sermon is John 14:1-14. Note: Italics in the written sermon indicate a time of congregational conversation with the pastor. If I said, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” you would reply...“practice.” It’s such an old joke, the joke of the maestro running down the street being stopped by a stranger asking for directions to Carnegie Hall, and the maestro answers, “Practice”. We understand the joke because we take for granted that to be a world class musician, you need to practice. Of course, we also understand that to be a competent musician, you need more than practice alone. For example, if I hande

On the Way Home: a Sermon on Emmaus Road

This sermon was preached at Knox Presbyterian Church on Sunday April 30, 2017. The scripture text the sermon is based on is Luke 24: 13-35. Have you ever been driving someplace and you’re driving along and when you get there you realize you’ve gone to work instead of the grocery store, for example? I come to church by way of the 12 usually, and if I ever have to take the 12 to go out someplace else, I sometimes have to say to myself, “Don’t get off at Stonypoint…don’t get off at Stonypoint” or I’ll end up in the church parking lot instead of, say, in Sebastopol to get strawberries at the strawberry stand. My internal map sends me to the old, expected place instead of the new one. I was think

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