The "Ask A Presbyterian" Page!

What's a Presbyterian? (Big question...) Who can worship at Knox? (Anyone...) Do you have Sunday School? (Yes...) Do you offer children's activities? (Yes...) Where do you stand on Birth Control, Married Clergy, Women Clergy, Gay Clergy? (Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes...) What's your stand on the scientific method and evolutionary theory? (Yes, Yes...) Do you have LGBTQ congregation members? (Yes...) Do you have straight congregation members? (Yes...) Do you have old congregation members (Yes...) Do you have young congregation members? (Yes...) Do you have middle-aged congregation members? (Yes...) Do you support marriage equity? (Yes...) Do you support social justice projects? (Yes...) How do you stand on consumption of coffee and tea? (Yes, especially mornings and at fellowship hour after worship...) What about liquor? (Moderation's always good...) Dancing and Rock n Roll? (Definitely...)

These are the answers at Knox and other congregations aligned with the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. 

Check back soon for more answers!


In the meantime, if you're wondering what Presbyterians think in terms of theology, social justice, and more, visit
the U.S. Presbyterian Mission Agency Website's "What We Believe" Section.